Friday, March 3, 2017

Early Season Blooms

Howard House Museum 3/3/17
You have seen it across East Texas and it is happening in Palestine, Texas too!  We are seeing a beautiful array of flowering trees and bushes throughout the area.

Due to the unseasonably warm winter, we are recommending that if you are coming for the blooms, March 9th through 13th are looking to be the best time to see the most blossoms.  

We do expect the blooming season to be steady beyond these dates with Dogwoods in the canopy and along the trail in Davey Dogwood Park to continue blooming through April 3rd.
Reagan Park 3/2/17

Please visit to see a complete list of accommodations and visit for a full schedule of events for the 79th Annual Dogwood Trails Celebration!

For more information about things to do and see while you are in Palestine, stop in at the Palestine Visitor Center at 825 W. Spring Street or call 800-659-3484.