Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Springtime in Palestine Texas 3/29/16

New blossoms late in the season at Davey Dogwood Park 3/29/16
 This weekend marks the third and final weekend for the 78th Annual Dogwood Trails Celebration and while we did not see the blooms we had hoped for this upcoming weekend, we do still have blooms in the parks and throughout the community.

A drive through Davey Dogwood Park will offer peaceful and scenic views of the forest and a peek at a Dogwood blossom every now and then.  Photos taken today do show that we still have blossoms n the park, so the best way to get a peek at them is to pack a lunch and have a picnic in the park!  

Dogwood in bloom at Davey Dogwood Park 3/29/16

Meanwhile in other areas throughout the city, Azaleas, Wisteria, Lady Banks and Bluebonnets are putting on a beautiful display for visitors and residents here. 

Azaleas in bloom near Davey Dogwood Park 3/28/16

Wisteria at the bus entrance to Davey Dogwood Park

The Naylor House in full bloom on N. Sycamore Street

Lady Banks Roses overflowing

Monday, March 14, 2016

Dogwood Bloom Watch 3/14/16

Davey Dogwood Park - Picnic Area 3/14/16
The skies are blue today and Davey Dogwood Park is starting to bloom! While many of the trees throughout the park are still leafing and budding, many of the Dogwood trees that are not under the full canopy of the trees are in full bloom!

Mother Nature is going to be really tricky this year.  We are predicting a slow and steady opening of the Dogwoods with many trees phasing out of bloom while new one phase in

Monday, March 7, 2016

Dogwood Bloom Watch 3-7-16

Reagan Park, Palestine Texas

With an extremely mild winter and plenty of rainfall and beautiful weather, Palestine is seeing incredible blooms in the area.

Daily bloom watch drives have offered a beautiful backdrop for the area with the redbuds and ornamental Bradford pears in full bloom this week.  "I do not recall a more vibrant and abundant year of the redbud than we are witnessing in 2016." Dana Goolsby of MYETX.com commented last week.  

It would be nearly impossible to drive anywhere in Palestine and in the surrounding areas and not catch a glimpse of the vibrant fuchsia blossoms that cluster along the branches and trunks, a phenomenon called cauliflory.

The budding spring is also obliging a few Dogwoods to open early at Davey Dogwood Park and across town.  While we have only spotted 2 mature Dogwoods opening at the park, we have seen many of the dogwoods leafing out and could see early blooms throughout the area this year.

To find a full schedule of events and activities for the 78th Annual Dogwood Trails Celebration, visit www.texasdogwoodtrails.com  

Monday, February 29, 2016

The Forest Awakens

Weeks away from the 78th annual Dogwood Trails Celebration, the flowering trees are starting to give us a sneak peek for the season.  This year’s theme for the Celebration, “The Forest Awakens” fits hand in hand with the landscape of Davey Dogwood Park this week. 

Launched in 1938, the annual Texas Dogwood Trails celebration has been a staple for springtime in East Texas.  Davey Dogwood Park became the central location of the annual event in February 1944, when Mr. M.A. Davey, a Palestine oil main, purchased this tract of land and deeded it to Anderson County to be used as a park of natural beauty.  The park offers more than five and one-half miles of hard-surfaced roads to follow with majestic pines, red buds, wild plum trees and of course the graceful dogwood.

The history of the dogwood tree goes back to 1731 when it was first cultivated, but the origin and true dates for the tree are unknown. The dogwood trees’ history is steeped with broad cultural uses, from a signal that it was time to plant crops for Native Americans to the many uses for the wood as various tools supporting day to day activities in small business and farming for early settlers. 

Become part of the history of the dogwood by visiting historic Palestine and experience our attractions, exciting events, unique shopping and local flavor - recently named one of the top Travel Destinations in Texas. Activities are scheduled each weekend to compliment the Celebration, including the Dogwood Trails festival on Saturday, March 19th in historic downtown Palestine. Don't miss the Piney Woods Train Excursion at the Texas State Railroad, tours at the historic Redlands Inn, Dulcimer Music Festival, Main Street Farm & Flower Market, live productions at the Texas Theatre and much more.

The Dogwood Trails Celebration is the last two weekends in March and the first weekend in April each year.  

Find more information on the 78th Annual Dogwood Trails Celebration at www.texasdogwoodtrails.com.