Monday, January 28, 2013

Rain = Blooms in Palestine, Texas!

It was rainy here in Palestine, Texas all weekend long (January 25-27). While most Texan appreciate the rain, we are not always huge fans of nasty weather, but in Palestine, rainy weather conditions equal great blooming conditions. 

In order to have a good blooming season we need to have good, cold rain during the months of November, December and January. We did not see much rain in November, but did see some in December. In January there was a good amount of cold rain and we were excited to the burn ban lifted for Anderson County. We are hoping to see more in February to make up for November. 

Below is a wet and GREEN Davey Dogwood Park!

We saw signs of life!
While we were exploring Davey Dogwood Park we saw buds on a few dogwood trees. They are appearing earlier in the season than usual, but our expert horticulturalist says this is a good sign that we may be seeing more blooms this year. This is good to hear. Last year, we saw fewer blooms than we were expecting due to the drought in 2011. We are hoping for a fantastic 2013, but we will have to keep waiting through February to know for sure.

Below is dogwood tree buds in the rain!

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