Monday, March 17, 2014

Blue Skies and Sunshine

After a chilly and wet weekend, the sun is finally out.
Daffodils in the Historic District - Palestine, Texas

The 76th Annual Dogwood Trails Celebration kicks off this weekend and the forecast is looking great! Perfect timing for the first day of spring (3/20).

Our friends at snapped this photo over the weekend. The dogwood trees in Palestine are loaded with buds and beginning to open.
Dogwood Tree in Palestine, Texas
Today, we drove out to Davey Dogwood Park and took a photo of the same tree from last week.  Do you see what we see?
Dogwood Tree in Davey Dogwood Park - 3.17.14

Dogwood Tree in Davey Dogwood Park - 3.17.14
Even though the blooms will not be at their peak this weekend, there should be some nice blooms to see. As the weather warms and the sun stays out, we are predicting that the dogwoods should be abundant the last two weeks of the Dogwood Trails Celebration (March 28-30 & April 4-6).  

For a full list of events and activities, visit

Stay tuned!

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