Monday, March 7, 2016

Dogwood Bloom Watch 3-7-16

Reagan Park, Palestine Texas

With an extremely mild winter and plenty of rainfall and beautiful weather, Palestine is seeing incredible blooms in the area.

Daily bloom watch drives have offered a beautiful backdrop for the area with the redbuds and ornamental Bradford pears in full bloom this week.  "I do not recall a more vibrant and abundant year of the redbud than we are witnessing in 2016." Dana Goolsby of commented last week.  

It would be nearly impossible to drive anywhere in Palestine and in the surrounding areas and not catch a glimpse of the vibrant fuchsia blossoms that cluster along the branches and trunks, a phenomenon called cauliflory.

The budding spring is also obliging a few Dogwoods to open early at Davey Dogwood Park and across town.  While we have only spotted 2 mature Dogwoods opening at the park, we have seen many of the dogwoods leafing out and could see early blooms throughout the area this year.

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