Friday, March 15, 2013

Beautiful Full Blooms/Fresh Buds in time for the festival!

Tomorrow is the Dogwood Trails Festival! Check out to get the details on the events and activities happening at the festival and all over town!

 (The red buds look amazing!)

We took a drive through Davey Dogwood Park today to check on the progress of the blooms. We have a few trees that have bloomed, but are not a full bloom and many that are ready to open!

Davey Dogwood Tips!

When you enter the park, it is a gorgeous view of greenery and red bud trees. As you get deeper into the park you will start to see more dogwood trees and there VERY full buds.

Make sure you visit Manley Mountain when you enter the park; it is at the top of the first hill to the left. Manley Mountain is a look out point where you can see for miles.

(View from Manley Mountain.)

A great photo op of a single dogwood tree is at the bus entrance. There is one beautiful lone dogwood tree. It is one of the best trees in the park and is the tree we use when determining when the dogwoods are going to bloom.
(The lone dogwood tree at the bus entrance.)

The BEST place to take pictures is in the pavilion and picnic area. This is were we have the most concentration of dogwood trees in the whole park.

(View looking at the pavilion.)

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