Friday, March 22, 2013

The Dogwoods are in BLOOM!

This weekend is going to be the PRIME time to see the dogwood blooms this season. 

There are still a few that are waiting to open, but they are extremely neat looking. 

The center of the dogwood is the actual flower. If you look closely, the little green bulbs bloom as well. You can see it in this picture.

Below are more pictures of the dogwood blooms taken on Thursday inside Davey Dogwood Park. They look fantastic. We could not be more excited, especially after the lack of blooms we had last year. There are a good amount of dogwood to see in the park and all around town. 

There are many other dogwood trees to see all over town. South Sycamore St. is a great street and looks good with all the historic homes. Plus, there are trees all over the South Side and North Side historic district. Be sure to stop by the Visitor Center and get a map, so you can find these neighborhoods.

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