Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mostly Buds with a Slight Chance of Blossoms

After taking a stroll through Davey Dogwood Park this morning, we could see that there are many trees with buds on them but only a few have started to bloom.

(A bloom found this morning!)

Currently, we do have one tree in bloom. It is past the bus entrance to Davey Dogwood Park on the left hand side of the road going toward the pavilion.

Typically this is the week that the dogwood buds to start to bloom. However, this year due to more constant cooler weather, the buds are blooming a little later than they have over the past five years. We are predicting that the weekend of March 23 will be when the dogwood blossoms are at their peak!

When you come down for the Dogwood Trails Celebration and visit for the festival this weekend, make sure you drive through Davey Dogwood Park. Even though there won't be as many blooms as we had hoped, there will be a few and the buds and yellow blossoms are pretty as well.

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